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bulletred picture DXS Brake Technology Update - It may be delayed, but this safer, easier, (invisible) innovation is still coming!

bulletred picture You can skate but can you teach? - See the Skate Instructors Association (SkateIA) certification programs.

bulletred picture Support Your / Our Trails! - Please donate to trail projects, paved or not, that will help stave off the looming obesity epidemic.

bulletred picture Goodbye ABT - I believe discontinuing this 1994 Product of the Year was a big mistake.

bulletred picture Skates that Don't Roll Backwards - I told you they really work. Now I'm showing you by video!

bulletred picture Growing Inline Figure Skating in the US – Sharing programs between ice and inline help expand opportunities for growth.

bulletred picture Rollerblade's 2008 Lineup - Use the site's online Product Selector tool to find the perfect skate for you.

bulletred picture Options for Sliding and Gliding - Tall or short wheels, Quadline or other innovations at may be right for you.

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bulletred picture The Brake of My Dreams - Virtually invisible, quiet, effective, and easy. It's been invented, but is not yet sold.

bulletred picture News and Inspiration - My favorite inline news sites

bulletred picture Sad and Glad After the Fad - Why I believe our sport is still vibrant and growing.

bulletred picture Why You Should Bookmark -A top source of up-to-date inline news.

bulletred picture Helmet Standards, Features, and Fit Protect Skaters

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bulletred picture A New Calling - How to become a certified instructor.

bulletred picture Get Rolling is 10 Years Old! May 2002 marks a priceless 10 years.

bulletred picture Babes on Blades: Drop Physical, Mental and Spiritual Flab Through Inline Skating, is a funny and informative book by Suzan Davis.

bulletred picture Industry News - More Novices = More Injuries?

bulletred picture An Elusive Statistical Slice - Improving inline skating safety.


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