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Inline Skating Newsletter Article

Announcing Off-Skate Training for Fitness Skaters

By Liz Miller, IISA-Certified Fitness Inline Trainer and Level 2 Instructor

10/17 Update: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced sample Off-Sk8 Fitness workouts are all available now.

You will find many words about skating for fitness in my books and elsewhere on the Get Rolling web site. Now it's time to share the off-skates fitness lifestyle that keeps my (aging!) body fit and healthy. I am convinced it has played an integral part in my successful battle with breast cancer.

We are excited to announce a new section of the Get Rolling web site, Off-Skate Training for Fitness Skaters. This is a series of skate-related workouts designed to progressively improve your flexibility; build strength, endurance and power in your limbs; and show you how to integrate core strength and balance work into your training. Although I am not a certified personal trainer, every week I do workouts very similar to these, and have been benefitting from them for years.

Going Beyond Aerobics

You are already well on your way with the great cardio workouts you get every time you skate. But anybody's skating technique can be improved by improved flexibility and strength:

Such benefits do not come from skate training alone: they are the fruits of specific and consistent off-skate training. Off-Skate Training for Fitness Skaters offers a series of activities and workouts designed to increase your overall fitness for this sport and others. You will find beginner, intermediate and advanced activities to help you go the distance with grace and speed, whether you are rolling for just 2 miles or 20 miles at a time.

Besides improving your fun on skates, adding this extra training to your lifestyle also brings the subtle benefits of the Eastern influenced disciplines: it really does lead to a more peaceful and aware mind for daily living. And who doesn’t need that?

I hope you enjoy this new section of our site, but more than that, I hope you adopt a fitness lifestyle whether or not you use the programs in Off-Skate Training for Fitness Skaters.