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Get Rolling is Ten Years Old!

By Liz Miller

In May of 1992, a truck from Viking shipping backed into the driveway of Pix & Points, my home-based pubishing company, with 3000 copies of what I now call the Get Rolling "Classic Edition." I was so excited and proud as I helped the amused driver unload the cartons into neat rows on my garage floor. Little did I realize that the hard work of being a real publisher was only beginning: getting the word out about Get Rolling.

I'm pretty sure I'll never self-publish another book (Little did I know! 11/22/2003), but it's clear that the effort I put into launching the first edition of Get Rolling was responsible for a decade of exciting opportunities to share my passion for the sport and make a gazillion close friends!


Get Rolling lives on in my self-published third edition. See its full history in Birth of a Book.