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Inline Skating Newsletter Article

Options for Sliding and Gliding

By Liz Miller

I look forward to my regular emails. Because they offer such an amazing array of skate-related products, this is where I begin research before offering any product-related advice to my readers. Here are some recent tips I’ve shared.

  • Quadline® skates: A recent query from an obese person with large calves prompted me to add a new FAQ recommending this rapidly-growing inline/rollerskate hybrid. They feature a lower cuff and four inline-style wheels set in a square, which delivers the same smooth ride as inlines. This video introducing Quadlines has good close-ups.

  • Courtesy of Skates.comSkorpion (TM) Quadline: A variation of Quadlines is the strap-on model designed for the California streets and beach boardwalks by none other than owner and longtime San Francisco skater, Lee Cole.

  • Aggressive skates: With sturdy ankle support and very short wheels, this type of inline skates may be the perfect choice for wobbly beginners who are terrified of speed.

  • Courtesy of Skates.comLandRollers: These slant-wheeled babies are great for smoothing out the vibrations of rough pavement but I've learned this type of skate is not for beginners. It became clear during a 2007 Camp Rollerblade that the giant back wheel accelerates backwards falls.

  • Taller wheels: It’s time to upgrade! Did you know that 90mm wheels have become the norm for high-end fitness skates? Marathoners and competitive  skaters are now rolling on 100mm-wheels.

Don’t let me limit your imagination! Follow the links on the left side of the web pages to see Urban and Off-Road, Freeline ™,  and Xlider skates, and much more!

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