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Inline Skating Newsletter Article

Sustainable Inline Skates!

By Liz Miller

Powerslide's Greenline Phuzion skateI recently explored the POWERSLIDE web site while researching options for a replacement wheel bolt. Imagine my surprise when I discovered a pair of 90% recyclable inline skates called the GREENLINE PHUZION. The upper boot is made of natural canvas and hemp fabric, the liner is recycled foam, and the wheels are mounted in a wooden bamboo frame.

A note from the manufacturer

Save our planet, protect the rainforest, reduce CO2 emission, care about our environment and protect the earth so our children’s children can still enjoy its beauty. The climate is changing. This is a fact, and we should all realize its catastrophic consequences. But still there is time. Humanity can still save our planet. Each individual should work on this. We at POWERSLIDE asked ourselves: how can we help? Protecting the environment means saving energy, using recycled materials, reducing CO2 emission, and using fast growing and natural materials without chemical treatment. With this in mind we started a revolutionary project, which we feel will determine the future of skating: GREENLINE.

POWERSLIDE is 15-year-old skate manufacturer in Germany with an extensive catalog and competitive teams for four skate disciplines. The company's Fitness skates are the centerpiece of the product line which also includes Aggressive, Freeskate, Nordic and Racing skates, plus a competitive team in each discipline. I expect to hear more from this still-growing company whose motto is “We love to skate!”

Side note: Web technology at its best

Powerslide’s online catalog is elegantly sophisticated and full of fascinating animation effects. As a web usability fanatic, I usually find this much technology a bit off-putting, but these web developers have created a very exciting and effective user experience you don’t want to miss.

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