Learning to Skate

bulletred picture Tricks Aren't Just for Kids - Kick up your heels (or toes!) by getting air, looking cool on curbs, or showing off with a toe-roll.

bulletred picture Why Get Rolling at Camp Rollerblade? - Four reasons why this is the best possible way to get started.

bulletred picture Not Everyone Can Skate (After all) - Despite years of encouraging words, I now admit this is not a sport for all.

bulletred picture Camp Rollerblade Survey Says!: - Our campers gained more than new skills. Favorite moments quoted.

bulletred picture Teacher, mind your attitude! - When a sports instructor has a chip on her shoulder, everybody suffers.

bulletred picture Why do my legs and feet hurt? - Learn not just why, but what to do about this common complaint.

bulletred picture Am I too old to skate? - It depends on your answer to the question: Can I afford to fall down?

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bulletred picture Meet Staci Stance, Model - My new, improbably shaped model demonstrates proper (and improper) skating stances.

bulletred picture Surviving a Nighttime Group Skate Practice moves to save your skin when things get dicey.

bulletred picture Surviving a Nighttime Group Skate Practice moves to save your skin when things get dicey.

bulletred picture Camp Rollerblade News Join me in Hilton Head in May or in Sonoma in June, then try the Florida tour with me in December.

bulletred picture The Safe-T Saves Your Dignity - How to stand calmly in place without hugging the lamp post.

bulletred picture Pretend You're Relaxed! - Use a mind-body approach for instant coordination.

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bulletred picture Balance Your Stride - Two drills to help you equalize your balance and strength on both sides.

bulletred picture Why Do I Fall Down? - We all take a tumble now and then. Knowing why means less crashing.

bulletred picture Three's Company - Liz does the mileage for 3 or more, and tempts those willing to learn in Danville.

bulletred picture What Level Beginner are You? - Identify your own learning potential before you risk looking like a geek in public!

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bulletred picture Perfecting the A-Frame Turn - Written for Inline Planet, biomechanics any skater can use.

bulletred picture Know Your Stances - Posture and foot positioning are everything when it comes to learning the basics.

bulletred picture Mastering Swizzles - Step by step, build up to the one skill featured in all fitness skating programs (great for speed, too!).

bulletred picture Inline Mastery Ladder - Find your rung (physical capabilities) on my new learning ladder and learn how to climb to the top.

bulletred picture Scissors Coast - Proper respect for the skill every good skater takes for granted.

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bulletred picture Skating with Nordic Poles - Triathlete Joshua Delucca Colon describes his journey learning a new way to cross train for endurance events.

bulletred picture Leader in Learning - Get Rolling.com earns an award of excellence; college text book features Liz Miller’s Inline Skating chapter among 41 others.

bulletred picture When the Going Gets Rough Lean forward, wide stance, get loose, stiffen up? How to handle dicey surfaces with aplomb.

bulletred picture Camp Rollerblade Success! - The first camp in June 2005 offered ideal weather for 24 SF Bay Area campers.

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bulletred picture When Skating is a Pain - Whether it's your legs, back or skates that hurt enough to keep you from skating, here are common causes and ways to fix them.

bulletred picture When Skating is a Joy - When the planets align, nothing is better than the pure joy of movement on skates. Here's what it takes to make that happen.

bulletred picture 180 Degree Transitions - Changing directions while on a roll from forward to backward skating and from backward to forward skating.

bulletred picture Leftys, it Does Matter! - Improve your chances for early success and safety by figuring out which skate should have the brake on it.

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bulletred picture Camp Rollerblade is Back! - June '05 in Danvile was a huge success!

bulletred picture Handling Urban Obstacles - Master curbs, stairs, and more

bulletred picture Three Essential Lessons - Get the best results by meeting an instructor at least 3 times.

bulletred picture Smart Skating - A free video featuring Kristi Yamaguchi.

bulletred picture Get Rolling - Get FIT - Clinics to make you fit for distance skating.

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bulletred picture Basic Striding -- Even new skaters can develop an efficient, elegant stride.

bulletred picture Increase Your Pushing Power -- Piece that dream stroke together one component at a time: 10 tips everybody can use.

bulletred picture Master the Lunge Turn with these step-by-step instructions.

bulletred picture Mastering Swizzles A unique drill to learn swizzles and much more.

bulletred picture Parallel Turns Made Easy The most elegant way to swerve 'round a corner.

bulletred picture Basic Turning (A-Frame) -- A stride-by-stride turorial covering the inline skater's basic turn, empowering even first-time skaters to veer away from the jaws of gravity.

bulletred picture Discover the Skater's Edge - Why you really, really should learn how to use all of your wheel edges: inside, outside and center.

bulletred picture Two Awesome Extended Weekends on Skates - Liz describes the joys of an Eddy Matzger clinic and the inaugural Zephyr Skate Camp.

bulletred picture A Typical Day at Zephyr Skate Camp - Here's a story reflecting a camper's perspective and a camper's photos.

bulletred picture Hovering Over the Sweet Spot - How Liz learned to safely slalom hills without a heelbrake and translate the technique into magical mogul skiing.

bulletred picture Am I crazy to be taking up inline skating at my age? - Is skating really for everyone?.

bulletred picture Tricks are for Kids - NOT! - Tricks even adults can do.

bulletred picture What Goes Down Must Come Up - Climbing hills for fun and fitness

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bulletred picture The Long and Winding Road - Training for that loooong skate or race.

bulletred picture Street Savvy - How to safely skate in the streets.

bulletred picture When It's Wet Out - Do a little skate care when you're stuck indoors.

bulletred picture Pre-Flight - The Expert's Attitude - Embrace the Expert's Attitude for safer skating

bulletred picture What Makes an Advanced Skater? - How you can find your own place in the world of Advanced Skaters.

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