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Inline Skating Newsletter Article

Sad and Glad after the Fad

By Liz Miller

Why I'm Sad

Inline skate shops used to come and go. Now they seem to just go. When my local specialty store quit selling skates, I knew it was a bad sign. Already, the nearest rentals for my students were a horrendously bad 50 minutes' drive away. The best place to buy new skates is now the nearest big box outlet. I am sad the fad has passed because:

Why I'm Glad

Glad cartoonWhile the rush of Americans buying their first pair of inline skates may be long gone, I believe we have graduated to a mature sport with dedicated participants. Take for example, the inline marathon boom that started in 2003. So I am glad the fad has passed because:

Fad or not, those of us who love to skate will continue to do so for years because it feels so good! Here's aHaiku that expresses the feeling for me:

Limbs pump the rhythm.
Skates sweep across smooth concrete.
O, kinetic joy!