bulletred picture When Outdoors is Out of the Question - A device for strength, balance, aerobic and skate training.

bulletred picture Your brains are showing! - There is a right way and a wrong way to wear helmets--and they're not just for your kids!

bulletred picture Rollerblade Spark Pro Review – I enthusiastically recommend this comfy 2010 ladies model for years of fun and fitness!

bulletred picture Lefties! How to Swap Your Heel Brake - If you kick a ball with your left foot, you will want your brake on the left skate for easier braking.

bulletred picture Skater's Coach - A new product is now available that makes inline skating more accessible to a broader range of participants.

bulletred picture Don't be a cheapskate! - How to shop for your first pair of inline skates.

bulletred picture Sustainable Inline Skates! – Powerslide's eco skate is made of 90% recyclable materials. (They've got a really slick web site too!).

bulletred picture Proper Helmet Fit – Are your brains showing? How to fine tune the fit for the smartest cranial coverage.

bulletred picture Bunga™ Pad Protection – Try these new gel pads for bum, bruise and blister protection.

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bulletred picture In-Line Skates: An Engineer's Perspective - Guest author Fred Ahren takes an analytical look at skates, wheels and bearings.

bulletred picture Avoid Cheap Plastic Brake Pads - Cheap skates are bad enough. Brakes made of inferior materials are downright dangerous!

bulletred picture Have Skates, Will Travel - Tips for carrying your skates to a summer destination, even as an airline carry-on.

bulletred picture Options for Sliding and Gliding - Tall or short wheels, Quadline or other innovations at may be right for you.

bulletred picture Skating Accessories - Consider a GPS or a pair of cool and protective sports sunglasses.

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bulletred picture eZeefit Ankle booties may be exactly the accessory you need for your fav`orite human-powered sports.

bulletred picture Inline Skate Maintenance in a (big) Nutshell Take good care of your skates and you'll enjoy years of fun.

bulletred picture Guest Author Lynne Cooney describes joyful artistic freedom in Why Not Try Pic® Skates?

bulletred picture Birth of a book - Learn the history behind Get Rolling, the Beginner's Guide to In-line Skating.

bulletred picture Wrist Guard Primer - Photos show the right way and 3 wrong ways to wear.

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bulletred picture When Gear Meets the Ultimate Test -Guest Author Scott Peer tells you what to wear to survive high-speed crashes.

bulletred picture Oboy, a New Toy! - A multipurpose rear-view mirror that's a great safety accessory for road and trail skating.

bulletred picture Back Pain? Recycle Your Old Wheels! - Liz invents a gadget to help relieve her back pain.

bulletred picture Anti-Fear Gear - All It Takes is Just One Slip - Why even great skaters wear a helmet!

bulletred picture Skater in the Street Discovers Miller Highlife - Jim Fink reviews 3121e speed frames from Miller Sports. Another perspective by Eric Partch in Speedskater Reviews the New 2121e Miller Frames.


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