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2008 Rollerblade Line

By Liz Miller

Rollerblade's new inline lineup has been launched!

Courtesy of RollerbladeRollerblade logo

If you're planning to purchase new skates this year, here are some considerations as you preview the collection on Rollerblade's product pages:

  • Use the Product Selector button to find the skate that’s just right for your ability and style of skating.

  • Before you buy, please review my article, Shopping for Skates to educate yourself about features and signs of quality.

  • Lefties, be warned that Rollerblade's new 4-height adjustable brake (which moves worn brake pads closer to the ground for easier stopping) cannot be swapped from the right boot to the left. The same is true for the ABT Lite brake system

  • Trying to save a few bucks? Rather than buying cheaply made brands that won't hold up or may hinder advancement in skills, look for top-quality skates manufactured 1-5 years ago. The Get Rolling Store features a hand-picked selection of Rollerblade brand skates sold on Amazon, some new and many not so new.  

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