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My Great EsSkate to Miami Beach

ByLiz Miller

Hotel Riande Continental in Miami Beach

The Riande Hotel was headquarters for the Great EsSkate held March 10- 12. This annual event is produced by South Beach National Skate patrol. All proceeds go to the Families of Spinal Muscular Atrophy before each outing.

Almost ready to roll
Regrouping at the stoplight

It was thrilling to roll in perfect weather with 350-plus avid skaters from all over the states!

All-volunteer police escorts in front and in back halted traffic to keep us rolling safely, even through red lights! We stopped periodically to regroup and make their job easier.

Shoreline picnic for hungry skaters

On Friday night we met new and old friends as we rolled through Miami, blinky lights flashing.

Saturday's skate took nearly 3 hours to reach our reward: a delicious picnic on the beach, complete with raffle prizes and a DJ playing Disco.

On the beach

I attended two inline industry meetings and relished a packed 3-day schedule of great skating and vibrant entertainment.

Amazingly, I still found time to relax on the beach with my book, enjoying the sun and wildlife. See my little gull friend?

Gull on an umbrella top
All-volunteer police escort Here are just a few members of our Miami Police escort crew taking a well-deserved break after keeping us safe all day.
Ms Liz on skate biz (nice write-off!)

Say hi to perennially young Mike Merriman, a pal of mine and fellow certified skating instructor.

Mike Merriman

Mike took this shot of me to share with you!

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