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Have a Zephyr Adventure

By Liz Miller

Zephyr Adventures

You may remember Zephyr Inline Skate Tours from the late 1990s.  Unlike other more touristy vacations, Zephyr’s tours have always combined human-powered recreation with unique locations and authentic cultural experiences. I’m here to bear witness that Zephyr just keeps adding vacations that are impossible to resist!

Zephyr's new name and committment to Real experiences. Real people. reflect how much the company's offerings have expanded since 1997. Today you can take your pick from self-guided, trekking, skating, wine, family, and private trips.

What's so great about traveling Zephyr style?

For one thing, people don't all stay together in one big group during the day. Another appealing standard is that you get to choose your level of adventure. You decide how fast and how far you want to hike, bike, or skate. Meanwhile, expert guides take care of all the details, leaving open the possibility of unexpected experiences that guarantee you return home with personal and unique memories.

Here is a run-down of the 2008 season that's got me so excited:

  • Trekking Adventures Dan and I found the China/Tibet trek a life-changing experience in 2005 and are eagerly preparing for the Peru trek to Machu Picchu this coming April. Will we manage to visit Patagonia and Yellowstone before Zephyr adds more must-see destinations?
  • Self-Guided Italy   These are one-of-a-kind driving tours where Zephyr provides you with a GPS and a Portable Media Player on which Giovanni, Zephyr’s virtual guide, explains each destination’s highlights.
  • Skating Adventures  It’s my greatest joy to help transform Zephyr’s  Camp Rollerblade participants into competent skate tour adventurers.
  • Wine Adventures We can’t wait to try one of these! Get a taste by reading the Travels With Wine Z-Blog.
  • Family Adventures Parents get to enjoy these vacations as much as their kids because Zephyr takes care of all the responsibilities.
  • Private Adventures   Zephyr’s destinations and itineraries can be customized for private groups on request.

See also:

It's true I am a part-time guide and instructor for Zephyr, but I truly believe their adventures are so excellent that everybody should get a free catalog and start planning their own fun experiences in unique destinations.

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