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By Liz Miller logoSkating.Com, The Skater’s Online Magazine, was re-launched on September 4 after lying dormant for over two years. Whether you're a casual roller, marathon participant or in the skate business, access to the latest news, expert advice, upcoming events and travel tips on will enhance your skating lifestyle. If you are as hungry for this type of information as I am, a subscription to the Newsflash service delivers automatic alerts about the site's latest news stories to your email address. Here are some typical samples of what you'll find:

Inside Skating

The first ever St. Paul Inline Marathon is scheduled for August 21, 2004 along the banks of the Mississippi River. Thanks to a recent repaving project, the mostly flat course is smooth as silk. Organizer 26Point2, Inc. is expecting to draw over 3,000 skaters. Read this story and more news from the skating world in's Inside Skating section.

Your Questions Answered

My pal Jeremy LongRob from New York asks: "I have been inline skating for six years now on four-wheel skates and am considering moving up to five-wheels. I don't want to race but just want to go faster. Any suggestions?" "Many [skaters] don't realize there are many ways to achieve greater speed," replies Jeremy Long, Skating Equipment expert. Here are his speed-enhancing suggestions.

Susan from Detroit asks: "I love to inline skate but my two boys (10 and 12) only like to do 'aggressive' skating. I would love to interest them in recreational skating so we can spend some quality time together. Any suggestions? "Absolutely," begins Dylan Thomas, Kids and Skating expert. Read on...

Other experts are:

Just the Facts

Metabolic equivalents (METs) are tracked on many aerobic machines as a fitness measurement using 1-20 scale. Now there is good reason to find out your MET. According to a study recently completed in Chicago, women with a 5- to 8-MET exercise capability have twice the risk of death as those above 8 METs. Read more about the study.

A fat gene that may determine whether people are predisposed to being obese or thin has been identified by Icelandic researchers. Read more about the announcement.

...and much more! offers interviews with skate luminaries, skate travel information, the Asphalt Atlas database, a clubs directory, and the events calendar. And of course you can submit your own gems to these databases.

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