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bulletred picture Paying Attention to Trail Hazards - Even experts must beware of certain environmental conditions and crowds.

bulletred picture Idaho Skating - Five days of great people, great scenery, and the sweetest trails we could possibly have imagined.

bulletred picture Peru Trekking - Besides 2 skate tours this year, I helped guide a Zephyr Adventures trek to Machu Picchu. See blog, photos.

bulletred picture One Sunday ended with a skate below Mammoth Mountain, CA and the next Sunday I was rolling to 'Skonset Beach on Nantucket, MA.

bulletred picture Journal of a Self-Taught Skiker - When Parrish Sims couldn't find "skike" lessons, he did some research and taught himself.

bulletred picture is back! -  Webmaster Dan switched to a better service and rebuilt our database of over 300 skate tours.

bulletred picture Have a Zephyr Adventure! - Skate, trek, bike, or do a wine country hike in hot spots across the globe. See you there!

bulletred picture Manhattan Beach to Playa del Rey - Dale Uptegrove recently contributed updates to our description of The Strand trail.

bulletred picture Dan Skates Shanghai - Taking to the streets means going with the flow of bikes, scooters and more.

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bulletred picture San Tomas Aquino Creek Trail - Smooth pavement with views of wildlife and distant mountains ringing the Santa Clara valley.

bulletred picture Ojai Valley Trail, South - Fantastic vistas from a delicious Ventura River rail-trail.

bulletred picture Point Isabel Trail - Views and waterfowl along the San Francisco Bay shoreline.

bulletred picture Destination: London - Where the skate scene is huge, and web sites offer something for everybody.

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bulletred picture Iron Horse Trail News - News about our favorite local trail.

bulletred picture South Bay Trail: Santa Monica to Pacific Palisades - The Strand defines the SoCal skating culture.

bulletred picture Bad Weather, Good Skating - The joys of skating in indoor rinks.

bulletred picture A fast roll through the nation's premiere wine country - Dan's Journal of the June 2003 wine country Marathon.

bulletred picture FIT in Philly Liz earned her Fitness Inline Trainer certification at the annual July 4th Philly Skate Jam.

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bulletred picture Fun Rolls, Marathons and Other Events - Annuncing a new page to publicize the best of what's going on.

bulletred picture Guest Author Rocky McQuitty describes her not so great trip to sunny Arizona in Rocks With Attitude.

bulletred picture Howard Cohen's photo journal Skating Yosemite pulls you to the Sierras.

bulletred picture Skating in Brazil - Dan's stories and photos about skating in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

bulletred picture Liz and Dan Skate Mammoth - We nab some great skating during our Memorial Day Trip to Mammoth Lakes CA.
Photos from the Mammoth Trip

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bulletred picture Skating Across the USA for Cancer Victims - Get Rolling Skate School and others pledged cash to help college student Dave Moore raise money for a The Neely House.

bulletred picture My Summer as a Skate Pro Liz describes her adventures in the Summer of '99 - from leading tours in Holland to racing in Minnesota.

bulletred picture We skated Holland This Summer - Read Dan's complete day-by-day journal as a Zephyr Tours customer, featuring some great photos.

bulletred picture Liz's personal journal of the Roller Divas all-woman team skate from San Francisco to San Diego to help raise funds for a battered women's program.

bulletred picture Inline touring: It's a Family Affair - Skating is an ideal family recreation.

bulletred picture Touring San Francisco and Wine Country - Liz leads a Zephyr Tour.

bulletred picture Keep It Inline - Off Season Tidbits

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