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bulletred picture Breathing Lessons - If you want to skate far and well, you need maximum oxygen intake with each breath

bulletred picture Fuel for Serious Skaters - Every body is different: here are Liz's own guidelines for a performance diet.

bulletred picture Off-Skates Fitness - In 6 weeks, Liz skied, biked, hiked, and backpacked. Variety will improve your skating.

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bulletred picture From Spin to REAL biking - Liz was humbled to learn she is a big scaredy cat outdoors!

bulletred picture My Head is Spinning! - Several blog entries about how Liz evolved from total beginner to competent spinner.

bulletred picture Rolling into the Off-Season - Autumn in California is a great time to train for skiing by skating up and down gentle slopes.

bulletred picture Take Care of Your Spine – Tips on stance, technique, stretching, and manipulation for spinal health.

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bulletred picture Calculators to Personalize Your Fitness Plan – Get accurate numbers to guide your  health and fitness goals.

bulletred picture Holistic Approach to Skating Success - The holistic skater does much more than just strap on the skates and roll.

bulletred picture Wintertime Fitness - See a video clip showing how I stay fit on those days when the weather is too ugly to be outdoors.

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bulletred picture Skating Pre-Requisites - How to build the three advantages natural athletes have as beginners.

bulletred picture Balance Lunges  integrate a variety of key skating and fitness components in a single off-skates exercise. They’re a great warmup too!

bulletred picture Guest author Richard Dafter wrote Weight Management and Heart Rate Monitors, offering help for the calorie balancing act.

bulletred picture Risky Behavior: Inactivity! - Hazards of a winter fitness break.

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bulletred picture Ross Does Roller Skiing - How one skater gets total-body workouts on roller skis.

bulletred picture Announcing Off-Skate Training for Fitness Skaters
A graduated program for coordination, strength, and flexibility.

bulletred picture Understanding Balance - Practice (and knowledge) really does make perfect.

bulletred picture How to Get Hooked on a Fitness Lifestyle for the long run.

bulletred picture Yoga On Skates? Try This Pre-Skate Warm-up

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bulletred picture Got Rolling - Got FIT - Read about the first graduates of the fitness inline training series.

bulletred picture The Marathon Phenomenon Resources to take it to the next level.

bulletred picture Honor Your Skating Machine Learn to skate with increased health awareness.

bulletred picture The poses in Yoga for Inline Skaters offer stength, balance and flexibility.

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bulletred picture Core Strength: Your Secret Weapon for Better Performance Get strong from the inside out for better balance, flexibility and stability.

bulletred picture The Benefits of Inline Skating on a Precor Elliptical Trainer. Power up your strides and glides, by Guest Author Michael Rissman.

bulletred picture Wintertime Cross Training Stay in shape while the weather is bad.

bulletred picture Inline Speedskating 101 by Guest Author Jim Fink - What it's like to go from skating exclusively outdoors to exploring indoor speed training.

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bulletred picture My Introduction to Yoga Liz keeps a diary about Yoga's benefits.

bulletred picture Get a Little Balance in Your Life Improve balance through 6 exercises.

bulletred picture Plyometrics for Advanced Skating Performance Looking for a way to take your sports performance to a new level? Try Plyometrics.

bulletred picture Skate "With Purpose" for the Best Fitness Benefits - An excerpt from Liz's recently published Advanced In-line Skating on how to get the most out of your in-line skate workouts.

bulletred picture Do You have Boomeritis™? - A new, free pamphlet spreads the word about pursuing that fitness lifestyle in spite of it all.

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bulletred picture Fuel and Athletic Performance - Increase performance by understanding how your body uses food.

bulletred picture Let Your Wheels Be Your Coach - What your wheels say about you.

bulletred picture How Hard are You Really Working? - Using a heart rate monitor to improve your workouts.

bulletred picture Ramp Up to Roll-Aerobics - How to improve your roller workout.

bulletred picture In My Opinion - Inside Out? - Get out of the gym and on your skates

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bulletred picture Fitness Scene - No Pain, Only Gain - Inline skating provides an effective workout.

bulletred picture The Zone - How I Learned to NOT Eat Pasta - Improving performance and losing weight by ignoring the conventional dietary wisdom.

bulletred picture The Zone - Return to the Zone - Dan answers your questions about The Zone.

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