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Calculators to Personalize Your Fitness Plan

By Liz Miller

Get Rolling visitor statistics show a high interest in our calculators. Obviously you are as hungry as I am for personalized numbers to guide my lifestyle, health, and fitness goals. For our convenience, I have consolidated a list of my favorite calculators on this page.
CR Calculator

Why is it so hard to drop extra weight at 58?

There's another incentive for my calculator quest: the 5 pounds I needed to lose after spending a week with family over the Christmas holidays. When the "calories out -- calories in" formula wasn't in synch with the numbers I was tracking, I began to wonder if my estimated metabolism rate was the culprit. When I did a web search on "metabolism" and "calorie restriction," I found the headline I hoped I wouldn't see ("BMR" stands for Basal Metabolic Rate):

Calorie Restriction decreases BMR while overeating increases it.

Unfortunately, it does ring true for my body, especially considering I have been on the Zone Diet (calorie restricted) for years. Logically, in order for a body to survive on a low amount of fuel, it has to become more efficient with what fuel it does get. This is the major basis for the longevity claims attributed to calorie restriction.

Now I can plan around my true "calories in," which is about 1175 per day at rest. Based on my active lifestyle, I still should never eat more than 1800 calories a day.

Being cold stimulates calorie-burning brown fat

But recent scientific news makes me feel less depressed about my metabolism. Brown fat has been shown to amp up our ability to burn calories when we are exposed to cold temperatures. That explains why I seem to lose a couple of pounds over each ski weekend even though we eat very well on Saturday night. Guess I should have joined my friends at Alpine Meadows this weekend after all!

* is the source for three of the calculators. Based on science, it is still a fun web site, with Health and Fitness pages posted right alongside Palm Reading and Paranormal articles. I encourage you to be open minded enough to explore this informative and very entertaining site owned by Anthony Zamora.

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