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BungaPad(TM) Protection

By Liz Miller

I receive frequent requests to exchange links with other web site owners eager to leverage the search engine placements that Get Rolling has earned by being online since 1995. recently passed the basic test of “Will Get Rolling visitors be interested in this?”

BungaPad(TM) Gel DisdsBunga PadsTM are gel cushions designed to reduce or eliminate shock, vibration, pressure and rubbing on the body. Although I have not had a chance to sample them myself, this new technology seems ideal to keep skaters’ feet comfy and bruise free while pushing the boundaries of their skills at camp or on a trail.

Here are a few items from their product line that captured my interest:

  • Just starting out? Try the Bunga Crash Pad for secure hip and tailbone protection and the confidence that comes with it.
  • Signed up for a skating adventure? Consider Gel Cushions or two pairs of reusable Gel Discs (see photo) as insurance against blisters and bruised ankles that might ruin the fun. Find these and more by entering "skating" in the search tool
  • Recurring problem areas? If you can predict the same bruise or blister caused by skating, do your own searches or click the links in the left navigation pane. Gel cushion products are available for just about every part of the foot and body.

Hmmm. Wonder if I tell the BungaPad folks about this story, they might send me two pairs of ankle cushions?

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