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Inline Skating Newsletter Article

Have Skates, Will Travel

By Liz Miller

Skating is a fun, portable workout no matter where you are: near home, car camping, visiting relatives or at a fancy resort. But even dedicated fitness skaters may allow summer vacations to disrupt their healthy diet and skating time. Then, once the fun of the vacation is over, it can be very hard to get back to that healthy lifestyle that is so important.

So! If you have just a little extra luggage space and know there might be rolling opportunities at your summer destination, why not bring your skates and gear? Here are some tricks to make traveling with inline skates easy rather than cumbersome.

A ski boot carrier is very convenient if you have an extra one lying around. Unbuckle the tops and slip the loop underneath each boot cuff before refastening.


Use a simple ski boot carrier
Tie the laces together If your skates have long laces, it's easy to grab both lace ends from each skate and tie them into a double-knotted bow to make a quick and easy handle.
Many skates have a velcro strap to make the boot cuff fit more snugly around the ankles. You can pull them open and with the furry ends facing each other, press the ends together to make an instant shoulder strap. Attach the ends of the velcro straps to each other
Use a strap with buckles to loop through skate parts

Air travel has grown increasingly difficult over the years. However, I still get a kick out of carrying my skates through security and as a carry-on.When I head to my gate or down the aisle on the plane with my skates in hand, I get a lot of comments and opportunities to talk about the fun and virtues of inline skating. And by stashing my skates in the overhead bin, I know the baggage handlers can't lose them!

This is my current favorite strap when traveling by air with my Rollerblade Twisters.




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