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Review: eZeefit Ankle Booties

By Liz Miller

eZeefit ankle booties photoBrowsing the forums at SkatersRefuge, I stumbled across an ingenious product I’d never heard about, eZeefit™ ankle booties. These neoprene socklets can be worn in skates, ski boots, hiking boots, or wherever you need protection from hot spots and blisters.

“What a great idea!” I thought. “This is exactly what Dan needs to prevent the sore spot he’s getting from the birthday Problades I just gave him!”

What we tested

Speedskates: The first day Dan skated in his new booties he came home all smiles! No rubbing and no aggravation to the lingering little red spot on his ankle. Now he wouldn’t think of going out on the Problades with out his eZeefit booties.

Hiking boots: I tried out a pair of high-cut, slightly thicker booties on a 12-mile backpacking weekend, where I knew we’d get enough uphill hiking to give them a real test. Normally, I tape the backs of my heels to prevent blisters from my hiking boots, but the eZeefits took good care of me. On the first day I did notice some crowding around my toes due to the new thickness in combination with my usual hiking socks. On the second hiking day, I only used my thin liner socks with the booties and had a very comfortable fit. I've since learned that some folks just do away with regular socks altogether.

Skating recommendations

Prevent rubbing and blisters: I am convinced that a pair of eZeefit booties is ideal for a skate fit problem I witness all the time. The boot (can be plastic or soft) rubs a red, tender spot on the back part of the person's inside arch. eZeefit booties will solve that problem and others related to bruising or blisters around the ankles.

Prevent bruises from touring, camps and marathons. Even with good boot fit, bruised ankles can come about from extra hours or consecutive days on skates. Using a pair of the thicker eZeefit booties as a preventive measure from the beginning seems like an ideal way to avoid the pain and bruising altogether.

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