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By Liz Miller

StudySphere Award of Excellence

Awarded as Learning Resource for Students Families and Teachers

The Get Rolling Inline Skating Web site was recently selected as one of the best educational resources on the Web by StudySphere, whose goal is to identify and share the finest sites on the Internet as free education resources.

The folks at StudySphere use a combination of intelligence-based search technology along with old-fashioned human intelligence to categorize and present a catalog of information-rich educational resources for students, teachers and parents. Visitors can explore over 100,000 research-quality, child-safe web sites with an easy-to-use index that provides logical navigation paths to both highly-targeted and related information.

It’s an honor to display the StudySphere award on the Get Rolling home page!

Sports and Recreational Activities

cover imageFor the third consecutive edition, Liz Miller has contributed the Inline Skating chapter in this college text book updated every two years.  The Fourteenth Edition contains a condensed, 15-page version of Get Rolling, the Beginner’s Guide to Inline Skating. Since it’s geared toward future instructors, Chapter 16 begins with readers’ objectives and ends with Teaching Strategies and Considerations, not found in Get Rolling. The chapter is completed with a detailed Glossary and Resources section.

Available on as a large-format paperback book, Sports and Recreational Activities was compiled for McGraw Hill by authors Dale Mood, Frank Musker, and Judith Rink. To quote Amazon’s Book Description:

This comprehensive text offers fundamental information on forty-two different sports and recreational activities. Up-to-date material includes an overview of all aspects of the sport, including history, equipment, rules, fundamental skills, techniques, etiquette, strategy, teaching considerations, leadup games, and reference materials, including videos. This textbook can be used effectively by participants, instructors, and instructors-to-be.

And yes, I did list the web sites of skating colleagues and organizations in my Resources appendix!

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