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Inline Skating Newsletter Article

Smart Skating A video featuring Kristi Yamaguchi

By Liz Miller

Now you can order Kristy's video directly from me for the price of shipping. --Liz

AAA logo"What!? Wow!" I cried in astonishment and delight while awaiting development of some passport photos in my local California State Automobile Association office. With casual curiosity, I had stepped over to examine a trio of video cassettes displayed on a table in the lobby. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw they all shared the same title, Smart Skating Safety Tips for In-Line Skaters, Featuring Kristi Yamaguchi! I flipped one over and discovered that the video was produced by the AAA Traffic Safety Department. When I tried to purchase a copy, I was further amazed when told the videos are free. The bemused AAA staff had no idea why all this made me so happy!

Kristi's 1999 award-winning video is only 8 1/2 minutes long but very professionally produced, with beautiful shots of famous skating hot spots within San Francisco's Golden Gate Park. With an eager crew of pre-teens as students, IISA-Certified instructor Christopher Kaiser delivers the instructional segments on braking and falling properly, while Kristi offers tips on how to skate sensibly and responsibly. The video also reiterates my own favorite injury prevention advice:

Order the video directly from me

10/23/2004 Update: Because the videos are not available at all AAA offices in California, I have ordered 2 cartons so I can ship to anybody who requests one. Here's my new video order page.

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