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Inline Skating Newsletter Article

Three's Company

By Liz Miller

With today’s gas prices, it no longer makes sense for me to drive sixty miles on the weekends to teach one or two lessons. But I love helping people get rolling, so this summer I am offering my new Visit Me or Find 3 program.

Visit Me

Here are incentives to tempt non-residents to meet me in Danville:

  • You will get a totally customized lesson
  • No waiting for my 3-student minimum to get a confirmed date
  • You can request a 2- or 3-hour session (with rest breaks) to make it worth your drive
  • Danville lessons are $10 less than Fremont and Richmond fees
  • The Iron Horse Trail is just a few yards from my lesson area

Photo by Kim Komenich, SF Chronicle, of a private lesson with Liz in Danville

My Danville teaching schedule is flexible because this is where I live and work. During my teaching season, I am available:

  • 6 - 7 PM Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings after I get off work, weather and daylight permitting
  • Friday mornings or afternoons
  • Saturday and Sunday mornings or afternoons

Or Find 3

The Find 3 part of the program is for people who live closer to Fremont or Richmond and cannot make the drive to Danville.

  • I maintain a record of every lesson request submitted through my enrollment form, including desired location, equipment needs and contact information
  • As soon as I have a minimum of three requests for an area, I will contact all enrollees to negotiate an agreeable date
  • Any combination of lesson types (private, semi-private or group) is fine as long as three people agree on the same date
  • I customize my teaching to meet everybody’s needs
  • I am open to teaching a 2- or 3-hour session (with rest breaks)

To avoid wait for me to gather three interested skaters, I encourage my distant students to find three people with similar skating abilities and have everybody enroll at the same time.

For more details and enrollment instructions, visit my 2008 Teaching Availability page.

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