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Camp Rollerblade,2009

By Liz Miller

Many years ago, I attended Jill Schultz’s Camp Rollerblade in Santa Rosa. Time passed, and the half pipes, slalom gates and wind skating equipment went into storage as Jill moved on to build a family. By the time I was invited to instruct at the first Zephyr Adventures skate camp in 2000,  the concept was much tamer: just getting as many people on wheels as safely as we could.

Until now, camps were held at eastern US locations only, although attendees come from all over the skating world. But this June I will be running the first-ever three-day skate camp for absolute beginners in Sonoma, California. There will be plenty of instruction in a parking lot reserved just for our use. To balance out the lesson periods, we will have lots of fun eating in the fabulous local restaurants and even doing a wine tasting day (no, not on skates!).

So many people who come to Camp Rollerblade tell me they have been considering it for years but it took awhile to get up their nerve. By the end of camp, they wonder why they waited so long! Now is the time to sign up with Zephyr Adventures so you can join me on one or more of these Zephyr Adventures designed for beginners and advanced beginners:

Remember, each year you wait you’ll be another year older by the time I can help you get rolling!  Just to whet your appetite, here are photographs I took at two camps that I helped run in 2006.

Hilton Head Island, SC 5-day camp,May 2006
Where to rest your tootsies at Hilton Head after a long day at camp (Harbor Town)
Trailside trio gearing up for a lesson
Marie whose dream came true Hilton Head Family Photo
Danville, CA 2-day camp, June 2006
View from the trail Gearing up
Phil describes skate maintenance
Feasting on Liz's gourmet lunch Resting at the trail turnaround
Phil teaches the spin stop Vernadette's first time on a trail

How to Sign Up

Think you're too old for camp? Does your family think you are? While many skaters are young, the average age at Camp Rollerblade is a youthful 46 years. As Allan Wright, the owner of Zephyr likes to say, “You are never too old to learn a new trick!" Beyond the age consideration* there are many more incentives to sign up for summer camp.

Please visit for more details about Camp Rollerblade. Ask all the questions you want: the friendly folks at Zephyr love helping to introduce new skaters to the sport. Once you enroll in the camp that suits you best, you will receive a package with full details including travel tips, what to bring, and how to prepare to get the most out of this fantastic learning experience.

* Bone denisty may be of concern if you are female and over 50—get your doctor's OK before enrolling in a skate camp.