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Inline Skating Newsletter Article is back!

By Liz Miller

Logo for CASkating.comRemember my rant last August, “Why Did You Spam Me?” Well, I’m happy to report that is finally back online so people can once again search for the easiest or most beautiful or longest trails in California.  Webmaster Dan Kibler switched to a better web service and rebuilt our database of over 300 skate tours. Take a peek and see what you think.

In celebration of our re-launch, Dan has chosen to feature the Iron Horse Trail on the home page. (It doesn’t hurt that we skate there often enough to give constant updates.) With springtime blossoms and still-green grasses lining the converted railroad corridor, April and May are the perfect months to skate here. Recent improvements include landscaped staging areas with water fountains and benches at several intersections and painted mileage markers. My only complaint is that highly textured ramps added to a couple of intersections in the southern section are very skater unfriendly.

Until Dan has a moment to build a spam-proof Contact Us tool, feel free to use the Get Rolling AskLiz page to send him your compliments and comments.

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