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Skating Across the USA for Cancer Victims

By Liz Miller

Dave Moore is an Amherst College student who comes from Randolph, MA, just south of Boston. Rather than goof off this summer before entering his senior year, he's skating across the entire US to raise money for a cancer-related charity called The Neely House. The Neely House is a quiet retreat away from the hospital setting that provides cancer patients and their families with much-needed shelter and TLC.

I am personally touched by Dave's efforts to benefit The Neely House from the perspective of my own brush with cancer in 1999. Just about everybody I turned to for support that year had friends or family who experienced their own scary few months. That's why the Get Rolling web site has decided to help him by publicizing The Neely House and Dave's cross country skate and by directing people to an online pledge page. I have pledged $6 per state and I encourage you to do the same. He is also seeking corporate sponsors to fund this effort.

Dave's Route

Dave will skate from Boston, MA to San Diego, CA, crossing 10 states and covering about 70 miles every day--that's nearly 3 marathons, day after day! A map on his web site is updated sporadically to track his progress and shows just how awesome his route really is. You can bet he will be in awesome physical shape by the time he enters his senior year at Amherst.

"I know that skating across country is not going to be easy, but I am confident that I will be able to handle the skating part of it," he said before hitting the road on May 27. "The biggest obstacle I face right now is raising the money that I will need to make this possible. I estimate that I will need to raise between $5,000-$6,000 for expenses, as well as raising money for The Neely Foundation."

We're rooting for you, Dave!