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Skating in Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard

Monday, June 21st, 2010

I felt extremely lucky to be a co-guide for Zephyr Adventures’ Nantucket & Martha’s Vineyard Skate Tour from June 6-10, 2010. Despite thunder and lightening and epic downpours, we managed to skate nearly all of the planned routes on both islands. What a fantastic place to skate!

The ever-changing weather painted some unforgettably beautiful skies that week. The springtime blossoms were perfect in their freshness and and the bleached sand beaches were simply dreamy. Although my duties kept me very busy for over a week, I made time to capture some of these images to share with those who have not had a chance to discover the wonders of skating on these two historic New England hideaways.

Notes from Mammoth Lakes California on Memorial Day Weekend – Part Two

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

On Sunday morning we carved turns on the east-facing corduroy groomed slopes until the surface became perfectly buttery. By 9:30 it was beginning to ripen all over the mountain, and the next two hours were “magic time” where every turn made us feel like the best skiers in the world!  We continued to follow the sun as it gradually softened the hard snow on the western slopes of Mammoth Mountain. By early afternoon, it finally became too soft to be enjoyable and we decided to quit so we could save our legs for more fun on Monday.


Liz skating at the base of Mammoth Mountain

After we returned to the condo we grabbed our skates and went out for a quick roll to an overlook on the outskirts of Mammoth Lakes, where the snow-capped Sierra Nevada mountains spanned the horizon in all their glory. This town has an excellent trail system, serving walkers, cyclists and skaters.  See more skate trail info on

Next stop was Wild Willy’s mineral hot springs, a favorite of locals and visitors alike. Unfortunately, the secret is out and this small pool is attracting larger and larger crowds, at least on the holiday weekends. But we got lucky and spent an hour hearing other peoples’ stories as we sipped wine from plastic glasses.image

Back in town we got cleaned up and stumbled upon a tiny place where we enjoyed a surprisingly sumptuous Mediterranean-style meal. Despite a table of 20 young women who arrived half an hour after we did, the service was  friendly and excellent through the home-made Balaclava dessert.

Notes from Mammoth Lakes California on Memorial Day Weekend

Friday, May 28th, 2010

Friday: Despite temps in the low 40’s it is beautiful weather here. Dan and I expect to ski for the next 3 days because there’s plenty of snow. With daylight saving time, the days are long and the skiing ends early, leaving lots of time for other outdoors recreation. The night life here is just as fun as the day life.


Here is a Droid shot of Highway 88, west of Carson Pass. We spent less than six hours on the drive across the Central Valley and over the Sierra Nevada range. It would have been five if the higher passes weren’t still snowed in, preventing us from driving through Yosemite. Two thirty was an early enough arrival to go skating, but today we preferred to sit on the condo deck in the sun and sip wine. It is still mostly sunny but it was also snowing just moments ago.

Guess what? I am dictating the first draft of this post on a Motorola Droid smartphone. This mountainous setting is truly captivating, but new, possibly life-changing technology is too. But the battery is getting low.

Saturday – We awoke to cloudless blue skies and no wind, a great combination for skiing fun. After a light breakfast we headed up to the mountain. With 3 day passes attached to our ski pants, we stepped onto squeaky-dry snow at 8:15 am.


We decided to start the day at Chair 5 which took us to a high ridge with soft, fresh powder and some was still pristine! What if somebody else got to that fresh powder before I could make the first tracks! I was shocked to find myself feeling powder rage on a spring morning on Memorial Day weekend. There was so much snow that even some of the expert chutes were easy to ski! We couldn’t believe our good luck, a sentiment echoed by others we shared the gondola rides with during our morning exploration.

After a sunny lunch with singalong rock blaring loudly, we returned to the slopes and skied several more excellent runs. We quit when the chairs stopped running at 3 pm and enjoyed a celebratory beverage as our tribute to a great day.