About Liz on 8 Wheels

Liz Miller, in her heyday as an inline skating instructor

Liz Miller owns www.GetRolling.com and www.CASkating.com, two sites that have been serving beginning through advanced inline skaters since the mid 1990’s.

As a writer, webmaster and certified inline skating instructor for 20 years, Liz helped  beginners learn how to start (and stop!) successfully and safely. She is the author of three popular books: Get Rolling, the Beginner’s Guide to Inline Skating (still for sale on Amazon.com); Advanced Inline Skating; and California Skating, the Complete Guide to the Best Places to Skate (now an online database at the CASkating link above).

Starting in 1998, Liz worked as a part-time as a skating   guide for Zephyr Adventures, and taught  Camp Rollerblade from 2000 on. She retired as a Zephyr guide and skate instructor in 2013.

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