Aging Gracefully on 2 Wheels


An expensive Christmas/birthday present encouraged Liz to swap wheels

Early in 2013, Orbit blog owner Liz Miller made a major switch from small to large human-powered wheels. At the age of 61, after 20 years of enthusiastic participation in the sport of inline skating, she found herself a timid beginner once again, this time on a racing bike.

Who knew there would be so many skills to master on a bicycle?! Liz learned that the benefits of a fitness lifestyle  and owning a high-performance bike are just the beginning. The Orbit blog chronicles her progression from joining a local Spinning class to taking her cycling fitness outdoors two years later (sort of on accident).

So begins another journey, perhaps another 20 years — complete with “revelations” and experimental drills —¬† in this Baby Boomer’s ongoing effort to age gracefully.

To follow Liz’s progress from the first Spin class, start with My Head is Spinning! in the Orbit Fitness category. Jump forward using the links at the top right of each article.

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