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Camp Rollerblade Survey Says!:

Sunday, June 26th, 2011

I joined co-instructor Janet Miller to teach at Hilton Head Camp Rollerblade on May 14-18, 2011.

Fourteen women aged 34 to 62 met each other for the first time to share inline instruction, smooth pavement and new friendships. Here is what they had to say in a Zephyr survey taken immediately afterwards.

Overall experience

  • Camp Rollerblade was absolutely incredible and I had the time of my life. Liz and Janet were phenomenal and very supportive.
  • Very good camp, perfectly suited for beginners and those with just a little experience.

Sk8 FAQ: Why do my legs and feet hurt?

Saturday, June 25th, 2011

Burning calves and tingly arches are very common for the beginning skater. Your muscles need time to get used to any new activity.

Your arches may cramp if:

  • your feet are tensed up inside the boot,
  • the boot is laced or buckled too tight, or
  • you haven’t skated for a few months and your skating muscles have gotten out of shape.

A dull pain may also be the result of feeling a little scared. As a beginner, your knees may be too straight (very common) and that causes a tendency to bend forward at the waist, which forces your lower legs to work harder to support that weight.

From Spin to REAL Biking

Saturday, June 25th, 2011

For the past 30 years, I can count the times I have ridden a bicycle out in the world on one hand. That’s one reason I got so deeply into inline skating. Dan would bike and I would go for a skate.

Within a few weeks of meeting Prince Charming Dan, I mounted my own bike on a stationary stand and never looked back. I knew I’d always be a sissy on the downhills. Dan and I already had a physically competitive relationship, and I could see he was a serious biker. I could not compete in this area and did not want to be an annoying lagger.