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Liz's Sk8 Haiku
Limbs pump the rhythm.
Skates sweep across smooth concrete.
O, kinetic joy!

Liz Miller skating in Owens Valley

Liz Miller became an in-line skating missionary in the Summer of 1991, after discovering it was a great way to have fun and get exercise at the same time. To share the joy and benefits with others, she became a certified FIT and Level II IISA/ICP instructor, and authored three popular books about inline skating. (See skating credentials for more details.)

Off skates, Liz enjoys working as a contract technical writer for Chevron's Information Technology Company or the web services group at AT&T.

Liz's passion for fitness grew from a love of skating, skiing, backpacking, scuba diving and dance.

Since moving to northern California in 1983, she and Dan frequently head up to the High Sierra ranges to indulge in one of many active relaxation pastimes. They are also frequent participants of Zephyr Adventures (most notably Holland, Tibet, Peru).

Liz has consistently mantained a fitness lifestyle since 1980. She believes her ongoing committment to resistance training (which started from an interest in bodybuilding in the early 80s) provides a foundation of strength for all of her current athletic pursuits. This plus a focus on Yoga and Pilates keep her flexible and fit "from the inside out." Now in her mid fifties, she still has a physique that demonstrates the benefits of an active lifestyle.

On a more personal note: Join the Crusade All three women in my family were diagnosed with breast or ovarian cancer before the age of 50. I was three months away from celebrating my 5-year breast cancer survival anniversary when my sister was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in late 2003. With our mother's history of breast cancer, the risks of more cancer were significantly raised.
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