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Lance Armstrong Foundation - 33 million sold as of 3/30/05!Facing the Risk of Cancer

I survived breast cancer in 1999, but due to family history, I later learned I still face the risk of another battle. From that perspective, I am sharing links to web sites that support the proactive lifestyle that I hope will reduce my risks and yours, too. Other links offer ways anybody can help cancer support organizations and the millions of people battling cancer. I believe we can all "Live Strong" for the benefit of others as well as to improve our own quality of life.

All three women in my family were diagnosed with breast or ovarian cancer before the age of 50. I was three months away from celebrating my 5-year breast cancer survival anniversary when my sister was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. With our mother's history of breast cancer and my sister's Laurie's diagnosis, the risks of more cancer for me were significantly raised. [Laurie died after a 2-year battle.]

Alerted by this knowledge, I signed up for every cancer screening available as well as "having my ovaries out" in 2004. My fitness-oriented lifestyle instantly evolved to a cancer prevention lifestyle. Below are some links that demonstrate my own efforts and hopefully help others at risk to live strong, too.

My cancer prevention lifestyle

Nutritional Guidelines

Resources Cancer ribbons: teal for ovarian and pink for breast cancer

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