Beginner's Checklist: Where do I Start?

Many new skaters have found that a little research goes a very long way to ensuring a safe and successful start in inlines. So here's a selection of Get Rolling articles and other web pages to help you adopt the inline lifestyle.

Review our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page Concerned about falling down? being too old? where to find an instructor? The answers are here.
Order a copy of Get Rolling, the Beginner's Guide to Inline Skating Forgive me for recommending my own book, which I believe says it all.
Buy decent skates Don't scrimp unless you want to be hindered by pain, floppy ankles and sluggish wheels.
Buy full protective gear In addition to the mandatory helmet, knee and elbow pads and wrist guards, this article describes "extreme" gear used by downhill speed competitors.
Learn the basic stride and
how to turn
There are three basic skills: stopping, turning and striding. You need to be able to go before you have a reason to stop, right?
Learn how the heelbrake works Read this detailed article and video showing what most retailers and skaters can't tell you about stopping.
Find a nearby instructor Search your state, Canada or internationally for a certified instructor.
Don't disrespect helmets! Four very important incentives you probably aren't aware of.
Explore the ORBIT Index Search by keyword for articles about stopping, helmets, technique, gear and much more.
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