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Body Builder Liz
Liz at 22 I thought I looked pretty good in the 1970s, when I was in my mid-twenties. I am probably about 22 here. My main form of exercise at that time was going out dancing. In my late twenties, I took up scuba diving on a Club Med trip and became certified. My motives were more about meeting outdoorsy guys than anything else, and I was successful in that. But lugging heavy gear and weight belts through the surf was tiring so I joined my little sister at the local gym and began lifting weights.
Liz at 32 What a change at age 32! After I took up bodybuilding in the late 70's I became more buff and I really loved showing it off. In those days I could pretty much eat whatever I wanted because the muscle mass I gained from weightlifting (and even body building for a time) gave me lots of lean body mass to burn the calories. In 1983, Dan became my playmate and family cook (think gourmet health food), and we shared calorie-burning weekend activities like backpacking, skiing and day hiking the local hills.
Liz at 42
Dan posted this 1992 photo of me at age 42 despite my protests, using this excuse: "She just looked so good I had to share it with the world! Liz always wears her protective gear, especially her helmet, but I persuaded her to take a few turns around this rink-like area in Golden Gate Park sans helmet and kneepads, so I could snap a few shots. I think she's totally babedocious - how 'bout you? Keep Rolling!" --Dan
Liz at 52
At age 52 and still holding my weight around 130 pounds (I'm 5'6"), my body composition was beginning to change. I reluctantly accepted the inevitable extra inches around my waist and hips. Besides weight lifting, I now added Yoga and Pilates to my workouts and got a heart rate monitor to maximize my aerobics training. This photo was taken about a year before I underwent surgical menopause to prevent ovarian cancer, soon to take my little sister.
Liz at 56 This is the post-menopause Liz. Dan snapped the photo in 2008 on the last morning of a week-long backpack while I was brushing my teeth, feeling pretty good about myself! It's easy to feel like an Amazon woman when you wake up in such gorgeous surroundings, and your pack is at its lightest and you're feeling strong after a week of carrying your world on your back! Weightlifting plus aerobics and core work, along with our usual active weekends are the current recipe for success.
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