How I Got Rolling

Liz skating in the street

2008: I still own these Rollerblade Lightenings, my very first skates, bought in 1992!

Here's how it is

I have never been able to keep my mouth shut once I discover something wonderful. And that's how it has been since I bought my first pair of in-line skates.

Before that day, I was terribly intrigued but hesitant to plunk down my money, wondering if I really could learn how to in-line skate without maiming myself (or my pride) for life. The first day I laced and buckled and armored myself up, I discovered that I had lost a whole year of fun.

I did not write and self-publish the first edition of Get Rolling to sell in-line skates, although that may be a result. I was personally compelled to write it because I feel it is my mission as a regular person in the world to spread the word to other regular folks about how easy, fun, rewarding, and beneficial (I could go on) it is to take up this healthy recreation.

People who are familiar with ice skating, roller skating or snow skiing; or who already have an athletic lifestyle; will pick up in-line skating skills swiftly and almost instinctively. The rest of us are "regular folks."

While I am athletic, I consider myself regular because I have had little previous skating experience of any kind. I was born in 1951, which makes me a middle-aged baby boomer. My biggest skating hurdle was (and is) my fear of out-of-control speed. Pretty regular, all right.

So what qualified me to write my first book on skating? I am an analyzer and explainer. When I learned how to ski, I analyzed everything I was taught until I could put into words the most minute details of subtle muscle movement, thoroughly exasperating my less analytical ski partner. Every run brought forth a new "revelation" that I wanted to share with all other skiers-in-the-making. (This is still happening, even though I am now a solid double-black diamond, mogul and off-piste skier.)

In learning to in-line skate, I experienced the same types of revelations that I'd had on skis. This time, though, I wrote them down. Get Rolling really is written from the beginner's perspective, with all of the empathy and insight that only another novice can share. It is for the rest of you regular folks.

So, get up off the couch, stop feeling intrigued, and go ahead and get rolling on a pair of in-line skates. I promise you, after you sample a few of the lessons in my book, you too will find yourself enjoying one of the most exhilarating activities you have ever tried.

Happy skating!


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