Camp Rollerblade Survey Says!:

I joined co-instructor Janet Miller to teach at Hilton Head Camp Rollerblade on May 14-18, 2011.

Fourteen women aged 34 to 62 met each other for the first time to share inline instruction, smooth pavement and new friendships. Here is what they had to say in a Zephyr survey taken immediately afterwards.

Overall experience

  • Camp Rollerblade was absolutely incredible and I had the time of my life. Liz and Janet were phenomenal and very supportive.
  • Very good camp, perfectly suited for beginners and those with just a little experience.
  • The instructors are excellent and have an incredible amount of patience and knowledge about teaching. I really loved them–they made the entire experience a great one.
  • I would encourage anyone interested in rollerblading to take it.
  • Was a lot of fun – plenty of laughter along with very patient and caring instructors.

Favorite moment

  • Meeting my roommates. I’d never really done any sort of ‘camp’ before (as a kid), so this was my first experience with that sort of thing. Second would be our first dinner as a group.
  • So many to pick from… but getting to know this incredible group of women was truly inspiring. Oh yes, and when I finally learned to stop.
  • Dinnertime conversations were fun!
  • Too many to describe; the entire trip was Wonderful!! The instructors were both excellent, their styles were complementary to each other, and the group mixed very well.
  • Doing a spin stop.
  • Getting out to skate on the beautiful trails.

These ladies had so much fun, and bonded in so many ways. The most gratifying outcome to me goes beyond what I was able to do for their skating skills: it’s the frosting on the cake that this group is already planning a “Reunion Weekend” next year.

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