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Inline Skating Newsletter Article

Social Networking for Skaters

By Liz Miller

Facebook and Fandom

I confess, I am now one of the millions of social networkers on Facebook. It’s Dan’s fault. When our habitual Labor Day weekend backpack got cancelled due to his job, I suddenly had tons of spare time and finally joined out of curiosity. Now I stay connected with several high school classmates, family members and skate pals there-- sometimes just reading, and sometimes participating in the silly games.

If you have not joined Facebook yet, here’s my impression to help you decide. What I like best is getting caught up on people’s doings entirely at my own convenience. It’s fun to read their twitter-length status blurbs and view the photos they upload or comment on. I see my nieces and nephews in the act of growing up, and have gotten advance notice that a class reunion is on the horizon. When I commented that my job was at risk, I got encouraging words back.

My only complaint is that the exchange of games, flowers, smiles, quizzes and other e-distractions can be quite time consuming if you decide to participate. I try not to feel guilty when I click “ignore,” because these offer another way to interact with my friends.

Face book groupsFacebook also makes it possible to join a group or become a “fan” of networks like these (and many more):

Ning Networks

There are now social networks specifically for skaters. Expanding on the online forums and chat rooms, "Nings" make staying in touch with your skating pals easy and fun. Here are the two I have joined:

Using the Ning platform, both of the above networks allow you to:

  • Customize your own MyPage
  • Upload photos of your skating exploits or view others' shots
  • Re-connect with or befriend other skaters
  • Form your own local group to arrange skate events
  • Participate in live chat sessions with skate luminaries
  • Check messages, invitations and much more!

See you at the local skater's network!

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