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Why Did You Spam Me?

By Liz Miller

Sad cartoonWe are gathered today to mourn the loss of the email address--and a key part of the Get Rolling brand--Liz at Get Rolling dot com. Notice I don't dare format it like an email!

Never fear, I still own the domain. When my web site launched in the mid-90s, I used my ideal email address everywhere. More than 15 years ago I didn’t realize the dangers of having it displayed on every web page. About a year ago, I finally changed that: visitors are now clicking on an AskLiz link and filling out an email form to communicate with me.

Bad People [-(

Too late though. Bad people continue to use my old address to send spam to others all over the world. A month ago, I got so fed up I finally created a Gmail account which I now use exclusively.

Paypal logoBut that’s not all.

I use PayPal for managing book sales. A month ago, immediately after changing from the old to my new email address, an application that looked exactly like a PayPal page required me to update all of my account details. In my innocence, I did.

Oops! Turns out that was a clever phishing scheme piggybacked onto a legitimate PayPal page. The next morning, I found an email from my bank's fraud detection service questioning three charges that were made as slept, immediately after my fateful PayPal update. I called my bank, cancelled my Get Rolling credit card account, and waited a week for my new card.

Bad Timing {-o

My other web site, is also a victim in this story, wiped off the face of the Web(!) by my own service provider. A day before that happened, I had received their first notification that the site was suspended due to a credit card charge back. (I had to research the meaning of the phrase "charge back.") It was truly a shock when they used the word "deleted" a day later! This is despite the fact that I successfully logged in and changed my auto payment account to the new credit card a month before by following their explicit written instructions. More innocence.

CA Skating logoMy July credit card statements (one for the old and one for the new) verify my payment of the annual domain hosting fee for CASkating. The old account statement shows that transaction was cancelled and transferred to the new account. My guess is that the timing of the cancelled and transferred payment resulted in the suspension.

Thanks to technology, until I feel comfortable deleting the address entirely, Liz at Get Rolling dot com will never rest in peace. So dear reader, I apologize if you have ever received a spam in the past from my beloved old email address, I apologize if you receive a future spam from it, and I apologize if has not been restored to full functionality by the time you read this!

Oh yes, I also apologize for publishing my first rant.

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