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Inline Skating Newsletter Article

Archives Revisited

By Liz Miller

As the wheel turns...

Update to The Brake of My Dreams:2/29/08, Leap Day! And I've received fantastic news that a major manufacturer and marketer of inline skates has leaped at the chance to launch this "earth-braking" new technology. Although there are still many more hurdles to leap, this progress opens the possibility that good-quality skates with 4Xs (four-wheel disc) braking technology will be on the market by the end of 2008. Stay tuned!

Update to eZeefit™ Ankle Booties: My 3mm pair has found its way into my Salomon ski boots, where the extra padding keeps my right heel locked in place and lets me ski with precision instead of pain. Ankle booties now come in colors other than black. See the expanding eZeefit Sports product line.

Update to Meet Michael Costello: Michael is now working for NAT Sport, Northern Access TV Sport (NAT), and assisting John Powell, the new producer of Inline Plus. Michael will be producing a new speedskating show, "SkatePace." NAT is handling all programs originally destined for The Inline Sports Media coop, which did not get fully off the ground.

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