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I leverage (or risk!) my good reputation to help inventors whose braking or other safety-related technologies may bring more people to the sport.

DXS: I call this my dream brake. The adult prototype I tested cut my stopping distances in half. A 9-year-old mastered the youth version in 90 minutes. Find out and how the DXS could benefit skaters, inline instructors and the industry. See the DXS in action on YouTube.

Also: A comparison of braking technologies I've tested.

Get Rolling with Liz Miller

Liz Miller in skate gear

Hi! I've been helping inline skaters start (and stop!) successfully and safely since 1992. Take a roll through the Get Rolling web pages to see how I can help you. For example:

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Retired After 20 Years (but not gone!)

Update Jue 14, 2019: I just shipped almost my entire Get Rolling inline skate school inventory to Cuba; first journey is by train to Jose M Bordas who runs Miami's Skate Cuba. Every November he visits his homeland bearing donated inline skates and all things related. I sent him my old helmets, scads of wheels -- mostly used, several sets of bearings, a couple of unused brakes (and lots of used ones), various skate hardware bits, my extra protective pads, plus chalk and cones for obstacle courses. We really enjoyed our People-to-People vacation with Zephyr Adventures in Cuba in December 2017. Now I am delighted to have this chance to help folks in Cuba Get Rolling!

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