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Orbit Updates

By Liz Miller

RollerSkiMy recent update to Ross does Roller Skiing will interest anybody who follows the discipline or was impressed by his vigorous outdoors fitness routines. Ross provided me with a few comments from today's perspective, including follow-ups about his favorite equipment.

Inventor Alex Bellehumeur reports promising progress in the production of the 4XS disc brake technology, which I called my Dream Brake last summer. I am one of a lucky few in the US inline industry selected to test a production sample that is expected to be available in the early fall of this year. Stay tuned for more reports!

Speaking of inventors, I am still in contact with Bruce Honaker who is determinedly promoting his Anti Reversing Wheel Technology. To help him out, Dan filmed me in my first YouTube video, demonstrating the technology on my own neighborhood hill.

Mark Davies Skate Instructor web site logoLondon instructor Mark Davies produces the skills videos that I have shared with Get Rolling site visitors for years. He has recently updated his web site, as well as every one of his skills videos. Take a look!

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