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Fall 08 Blog

By Liz Miller

Fall leavesI know this is not a real blog, but the blurbs on this page are more similar to that writing style than they are to my typical Orbit article.

  • Remember the 4XS skate which I called the brake of my dreams? That is still on track for release in the US within weeks. I can't wait for the opportunity to test one of the first models!
  • Thanks to the slow teaching season, I have had time to do a partial face lift for the Get Rolling web site. It was a great opportunity to practice using new skills I've learned on my day job.
  • Sadly, is in still suspended animation. We have been unable to get it back online after our hosting service hastily deleted the files due a perfect storm of bad luck. Webmaster Dan has been migrating the database to a slick, new environment but our 300+ California skate routes may not be back until early 2009. Take a sneak peek at the new look here.
  • My upcoming 57th birthday has me thinking about how a person's body inevitably changes over the years. I've been relatively successful so far at aging as gracefully as I can manage. But even so, I admit I sometimes long for the body I had 10 years ago. That line of though prompted me to post some photos of my physical evolution for those curious enough to peek.
  • Hurray for the hope and new era of Barak Obama's presidency!
  • Dan and I enjoyed our week-long Yosemite backpack this summer (see our photo album). When Dan had to cancel our traditional Labor Day backpack, I joined Facebook. It's been fun getting reconnected with high school classmates there.
  • Now I must say bye-bye to the extra free time and hello to the upcoming holidays, guiding for the Florida Zephyr Adventure December 6-10, and most of all, weekends at the Lake Tahoe ski areas!
Gone Skiing!

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