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Skate for Health Day = A Free Lesson!

By Liz Miller

My Swiss pal Sabine is one healthy skater!Everybody should know that inline skating is a fantastic sport because it is aerobic, low-impact, and fun. But millions of people don't!

To help get the word out, Get Rolling Skate School is participating in a nationwide “Skate for Health Day” in Fremont on May 12, 2007 (rain date is May 19th). I will provide back-to-back 45-minute lessons at Fremont’s Frank Fisher Park, open to all first-time beginners who have not had a previous lesson from me. Each lesson will cover the basics (safety, forward motion, basic turn, and stopping). Each student will take home a practice sheet, Rollerblade catalog and other useful materials.

While my lessons are geared towards the adult learning style, kids 9 and older may participate as long as a parent remains present on site (or better yet, joins in learning this healthy lifestyle activity).

If you can't come or don’t qualify yourself, please encourage your non-skating friends and relatives to register for Skate for Health day, no strings attached. I even have a fleet of Rollerblade brand skates and protective gear in multiple sizes for participants to borrow.

In early May I will email the list of enrollees to confirm their attendance and offer a specific time slot. Class size will be no larger than 8 -10 students at the most. For those who pre-register but cannot make May 12th, I will offer two lessons for the price of one at any of my San Francisco East Bay Area teaching locations (Danville, Fremont and Richmond).

So what are you waiting for? Sign up now and come Skate for Health with me in Fremont on May 12.

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