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Inline Skating Newsletter Article

How Many Lessons?

By Liz Miller

ChartFrom years of teaching experience, my answer is always based on the student's lifestyle. Habitually active folks can expect to become advanced beginners in one lesson and working on stride technique after 3 lessons. Non active beginners may need two lessons to achieve the basic stride and turn and possibly a third lesson before they're ready for braking skills.

Active LifestyleActive lifestyle

No matter how far back you practiced roller or ice skating, rode your bicycle to and from school, took gymnastics lessons or enjoyed downhill skiing—even if this all happened 20-30 years ago—a history of these activities built up your overall balance, and that balance is still with you today.

You are likely to become comfortable with striding, turning and the mechanics of braking within one lesson (however, confident stops usually require more practice). Along with learning these new skills, you will be surprised at how quickly you lose your nervousness, as coordination and balance from your past emerge during that first lesson. To take your skills to the next level, focus on mastering a solid Scissors Coast to prepare for more advanced skills further up the learning ladder.

Academic LifestyleNon-Active lifestyle

What if your past life has been filled with academic pursuits or other sedentary activities? (Congratulations on your healthy decision to change that!) Your body has missed out on the gradual building of balance. During your first beginner lesson, you are likely to feel discouraged by all the "natural athletes" around you. Terror may even keep you on the lawn or carpet long after the first part of the lesson, or for the entire time.

Never fear! With your help, your instructor can get you rolling confidently and safely with a few more lessons. Success comes faster when you keep up the learning momentum between lessons. Motivated beginners can do balance-building homework and drills on the living room carpet to conquer the wobblies.

I am proud of my non-active beginners' success stories. To join them, find a qualified instructor nearby and sign up. Be sure to ask about discounts for multiple lessons regardless of your starting abilities, because every skater should consider taking what I consider to be the three essential lessons.

The Anti-Aging Effect

Keep practicing, and skating improvements will come. Balance improvements can continue indefinitely for skaters at every level, which is known to help slow the aging process. We can all use that major benefit of inline skating!

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