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Crossing light with skaterSkater Crossing

By Liz Miller

Your friendly crossing guard is here to point you to this quarter's featured inline online destinations.

  • LogoThe Get Rolling Twitter mini-blog can now be followed @Sk8Teacher. Now I can instantly share the gems that come to me during my skating highs.
  • Skate Skills Videos are back! Short clips of skating skills for all levels are produced by my friend and UK instructor Mark Davies, who owns the skate school.
  • I was not amused at the tone of Eric Hansen’s article, France’s Rollerblading Obsession in the August edition of Outside Magazine. At least three times he expressed his surprise that anybody, especially cool Parisians, could still be passionate about “rollerblading.” He finally geared up and joined the Paris Friday Night Roller Night (video).
  • Inline Downhill racing is another inline discipline that has become very popular in Europe. We do have a few US participants though. Take a look at this thrilling 5-minute descent by US Inline Downhill Team members Aaron Durand and George Merkert, a former Orbit guest author (Zolar Mammoth Downhill Festival).
  • Tour de France de Roller! Meet a team of 11 skaters from three countries who toured hundreds of kilometers around France in August 2009. The menu on the left takes you to stage maps and photos of the skaters who did up to 160km per day.


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