Get Rolling is on Facebook

After years of building pages, maintaining indexes and style sheets, coddling content and FAQs and learning web development skills with Dreamweaver, I had to admit that my old-school web site was no longer cool enough in today’s fast-paced, dynamic world!

Moving my Orbit newsletter to this WordPress blog in 2010 was the first step to making my interactions with skaters around the world more immediate and intimate.

Now I’ve opened up an even more dynamic presence. I hope you Like my new Facebook page, Get Rolling with Liz Miller. All from one place, in Facebook you will be able to read the Orbit Blog and my Twitter stream (@Sk8teacher) along with the photos, links and status updates I am using to keep things lively.

The Get Rolling timeline shows the birth and evolution of my books and other milestones. Besides items from the Internet, I am also pulling the best tidbits from the old website into my Facebook page. My mission is still the same: to share the joys and benefits of inline skating with others through my writing.

Drop by for a visit soon! And be sure to click Like to if you want to keep up with Get Rolling on your own Facebook stream.

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