Why Get Rolling at Camp Rollerblade?

Why do I believe  Zephyr Adventures’  Camp Rollerblade on Hilton Head Island, SC is the best possible way for novices and advanced beginners to gain confidence and inline skating skills?

The rink

For starters, we have full access to the Bristol Sports Arena with its smooth surface, morning shade and bench seating. Whether it’s an astounding breakthrough or a taste of future grace, this rink is where everybody makes progress on the basics as well as more advanced moves for the duration of camp.

Desiree coaches Wini; Sheba, Mike and Rick get a jump on skating skills

The trails

Once our newbie skaters are ready, the trails meandering through the forests and golf courses of the Sea Pines Plantation offer a sampling of real-world conditions. Skating here (with our help nearby) gives our campers experience with street crossings, a variety of surfaces, sharing the path with other users, surviving on rolling humps and the occasional alligator sighting. We also provide bicycles for non-skating spouses or those who need a rest from skating.

Tony and Wini enjoy an extra sweet patch of pavement

The weather

Camp Rollerblade is scheduled in early May. This date is largely based on local weather patterns conducive to a great tour. Besides skating, we offer other optional outdoors activities: kayaking, biking on the seashore, tennis and even horseback riding on request. But as our 2012 camp commenced, Alfredo, the first tropical storm of the season, was spinning in the Atlantic just offshore.

"We survived Tropical Storm Alfredo!"

Not to worry! We plan ahead for bad weather. After a very productive indoor rink session on our second day (thank you, SuperGoose in Savannah!), the sun came out for our kayaking trip that afternoon. Our group was just as proud of “surviving Alfredo” as they were of their growing skating skills.

The people

One of the best reasons to get rolling at Camp Rollerblade is the new friends you will make. Amazingly close  personal bonds can emerge while learning this “extreme sport” and sharing battle stories around the dinner table with other active and adventurous people. (And photogenic!)

Desiree’s photo album

With such good luck with the weather and a perfect mix of personalities, this year’s Camp Rollerblade will remain especially memorable for me and my co-instructor Desiree Kameka. She took charge of my camera for 5 days to capture the fun in images. Here is a password-free  slide show of the newest grads progressing from rink to trail at Camp Rollerblade 2012.

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