Getting the hang of spinning cleats

Finally! Santa Claus granted my wish for a pair of cleated spinning shoes. I was unable to try them out until mid January, after I exchanged the shoes for a larger size and had a pair of cleats installed at the local bike shop. A bad cold further delayed my first day of trying them out.

Last Thursday I settled myself on the single spinning bike available in the aerobics area of my gym. I was still suffering from a cold and I didn’t want the whole spin class as an audience or to feel competitive as I learned how to clip into the pedals.

It took 10 minutes and several tries on each foot to get clipped in securely. Once I felt the pedal snap into place, I experimented with getting out and in several times on each foot. I am not sure exactly what I did down there but I hope I can do it again successfuly in class next week!

I pedalled along at a fairly easy pace for a few minutes. Then I tightened the tension on the bike and stood on the pedals to see how it felt. What an improvement! It was so easy to rotate the crank with a controlled and consistent pressure. I didn’t have to do anything special to incorporate pulling up into my pushing down cycle. My legs adjusted well to the new work, with no new sensations of burning or tiredness.

Despite still being under the weather, I was very encouraged and excited about this latest component of spinning as a new fitness activity for me. I can’t wait for next Tuesday’s class!


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