New Orbit Blog Ends Get Rolling Drought


Downtown Nantucket Town, the day before our Zephyr Skating Adventure was to begin

I apologize for the lack of fresh Orbit newsletter stories I normally use to keep the Get Rolling home page fresh and interesting. Since my last Orbit announcement, my active lifestyle and passion for travel and being outdoors were in direct conflict with the hours of PC face time needed to generate, illustrate, index and announce a quarterly batch of stories.

But what adventures I have had! Thanks to many hours of training hikes in the local hills—and our Zephyr Adventures guides, of course—Dan and I reached the 19,304 foot summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro at 7:45AM on January 31! After another week on safari and on the beaches of Zanzibar in Tanzania (photo albums here) we returned home to finish our seasonal Lake Tahoe area ski passes.

With plenty of snow still on the slopes in late May, we took a final 3-day ski trip at Mammoth Lakes for the Memorial Day holiday (see blog photos). One week after that I was guiding a Zephyr Adventures Skate Tour in Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket (more blog photos!). Between each trip, I steadfastly worked 9-hour days to prove my worth to the employer who helps me pay my bills. I even found time to teach a few weekend skate lessons.

Excuses, excuses. But this is about to change!

Now that my new Droid smart phone has unchained me from the home office PC, I am learning how to upload photos and blog posts mid-adventure. This extra flexibility means more frequent communications from me and more updates to the Get Rolling content for my site visitors. As I have always done, at regular intervals I will send my usual announcement with ticklers about the latest Get Rolling web site additions. But because I am now creating these stories in the new Get Rolling Blog, anybody who wants subscribe or to respond with a comment can do so.

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