4XS Brake Technology Update

Last year I conducted a small survey asking people “How much extra would you pay for a new pair of skates if they had the 4XS installed? ” referring to a new cuff-activated braking technology I tested and loved.  I am still getting a trickle of responses, with the overwhelming majority willing to pay at least $20 more — and a few who said they’d pay $100!

Latest 4XS disk brake prototype

Unfortunately, the prototype that shortened my own stopping distances by 50% is still not available to these folks. A year ago, I was excitedly reporting (as much as I was allowed to divulge) on plans underway with a major manufacturer. But as of April this year, production is stalled due to the effects of an averse-risk economy combined with the expense of creating new molds for the various components.

Inventor Alex Bellehumeur is not giving up! He is currently seeking venture capital to help jump-start mold development. Meanwhile, I will help him in whatever way I can to build a supportive network that may lead to funding.

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