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Inline Skating Newsletter Article

Meet Debbie Merrill

By Liz Miller

Instructor Debbie MerrillIn Santa Monica Beach, California, the sun, sea and warm weather seduce folks into showing off their hard-earned physiques uncluttered by bulky padding. Debbie Merrill--just as vibrant as the Hollywood types she so often teaches--can occasionally be caught skating ungeared, but it is a worthy exposure of her beautifully fit and tanned self!

Debbie, a certified inline skating instructor, owns the Skate Great USA School of Skating. “We have been teaching the world to skate safely since 1985!” she says. “We offer all levels of skating lessons, private and group. Skate Great USA is well established and ready to serve the needs of anybody who needs help learning to inline skate.

"We do children's skating birthday parties and corporate and adult skating parties, too," Debbie says. "We also provide skating tours of the 22 mile bike path and all of its sites, as well as doing performances and demonstrations." Explore Debbie's web site and you will soon find that in the land of glamour and glitter, Debbie is a shining star in her own right.

Lessons by Videotape

In the past few years, inline instructional videos have become few and hard to find. Even if you don’t live near Skate Great School territory, you should still visit the web site to learn more about Debbie's video, Learn To Inline Skate To Look And Feel Great At Any Age. It was produced so that people can teach themselves and their kids the basics at home on or off skates before they transition to the pavement. Read quotes from happy buyers, preview scenes using your web browser, examine the video jacket, or order a copy online using PayPal. ($29.95 plus tax, shipping and handling.) It's even available on DVD.

04/03/09 Update: Now you can buy a copy of Debbie's DVD along with a free copy of Kristi Yamaguchi's Smart Skating both from me.

After viewing my own copy, I can honestly say that Debbie's enthusiasm and fun teaching sequences are a great way to get started with the basic stride, stopping and turning skills a beginner needs. Tuck her catchy words of wisdom under your helmet and you may just experience the "Merrill Magic" she promises on your very first day.

Drop By and Say Hi

Don’t even think of a visit to southern California without skates in tow. There are so many places to roll in the sun for fitness and fun, including The Strand where Debbie teaches in Santa Monica. Even if you aren’t ready for a lesson from the Skate Great USA team, you may still be able to say hi to Debbie by checking in with Perry's Cafe on the Santa Moncia Beach (310) 452-7609.