Inline Skating Newsletter Article

Personalities: Behind Every Great Woman is a Great Man

By Liz Miller
Folks who visit are always welcomed to "Liz Miller's Get Rolling Inline Skating Website." I receive emailed compliments every week about how easy it is to find information on the site and how great it looks. I'd love to take all the credit, but I really only supply writing and art.

A Re-introduction

The great man behind me is Dan Kibler, my web guru, expert photographer, and tireless partner for skate fitness, adventures and research. "Zone Man" Dan is an unsung hero who serves the recreational and fitness in-line community in many ways. Allow me to re-introduce the wizard behind my curtain.

Web Maestro

Dancin' DanWebmaster Dan is constantly on the lookout for good URLs, news and resources to link to the Get Rolling site. Although he works by day as a software consultant, he's the one who drags me away from the PC to head out for a roll downtown or to join San Francisco's Friday Night Skate. When Dan hits the road for a fitness skate, his heart rate monitor is always in place to make sure he's getting the most out of his workout.

Because of this dedicated focus on inline--both personally and on the skate community at large--the Kibler perspective is priceless in making sure the Get Rolling web site meets our visitors' needs.

Shutter Magic

Aggro AirIn his role as photographer, Dan's most visible efforts appear on the cover of Get Rolling and in the dozens of high-contrast, beautifully reproduced shots within its pages. The photos appearing with this article are samples from the book.

Parallel TurnMost recently, Dan's work was published (on his birthday!) in Blur, the skater's online magazine. Next time you're browsing online, check the Sessions department with my instructions on learning the powerslide. K2 Corporation recognized and rewarded Dan for his talent earlier this year by sponsoring him with a pair of Freedom fitness skates, their top-of-the-line model.

A Real Man

And just for the record, Dan is a guy who should be every husband's role model: he cooks gourmet (Zone) meals and brings me coffee in bed, he does his own laundry, and he's as well versed on world news as rock 'n roll. A "great woman" couldn't have a better mentor.

It is very rewarding for both of us to join our mutual love of skating and being outdoors, our computing expertise, and our creative talents in a collaborative relationship. This is the tie that binds our joint mission to share what we've gained and learned from the inline lifestyle with skaters the world over.

So even though it's titled "Liz Miller's" site, next time you enjoy a cruise at, email your thanks to my favorite man, Dan Kibler.